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NPO’s Leadbeater Goes to Bat for Parental Leave

May 28, 2015
And here’s NPO of Virginia’s excellent piece on parental leave published in the Hampton Roads Pilot. Good work, Kristen!

Leadbeater: Virginia has a chance to lead on parental leave

President Barack Obama recently issued a presidential memorandum focused on modernizing federal leave policies for childbirth, adoption and foster care to recruit and retain talent and improve productivity. Virginia, led by a Democratic governor in a state just steps away from our nation’s capital, needs to lead the way on this initiative.


NPO’s Franklin Makes National Review, Four Other Papers

May 28, 2015
Last week, the National Review Online, the Detroit News, The Fairfax Times, The Cap Times and the Mariannas Variety published Franklin’s editorial on shared parenting that’s reprinted below.

Children Need Both Parents Even after Divorce

By Robert Franklin May 18, 2015
State lawmakers should pass much-needed reform of child-custody laws.

When she and her husband were divorcing, Jennifer Fink felt the way a lot of parents do. She was angry at her husband, thought she was the better parent, and wanted sole custody of their two sons. But the law in her state, Wisconsin, strongly encourages shared parenting of children when Mom and Dad divorce, and that’s what the judge ordered. Now, five years later, Fink, who founded BuildingBoys and is involved in recent efforts to create the White House Council on Boys and Men, has a message for everyone going through a child-custody case:


Steve Hitner’s Guide to Family Court Reform

Steven Hitner spearheaded the most far-reaching alimony reform bill in Massachusetts in memory. Amazingly, his organization, Massachusetts Alimony Reform, got the bill passed by a unanimous vote of both houses of the Bay State Legislature. As such, he is uniquely well-placed to advise on how to change existing state law. The National Parents Organization is proud to have Hitner as part of our team in our efforts to reform family laws across the country. Here is Hitner’s “how to” on creating legislative change. — Robert Franklin

Trouble in the Village: A Guide to Changing Law

May 28, 2015 by Steven K. Hitner, Consultant, National Parents Organization

What does “Trouble in the Village” mean and how does it relate to changing existing law? The answer is simple — legislators do not act unless they have “Trouble in their Village.”


Colorado Court Reverses Fraudulent Adoption of Bio Dad’s Child

May 28, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Yet another case out of Colorado strongly suggests that committing fraud to terminate a father’s parental rights in order to place his child for adoption isn’t legally acceptable in the state. But the opinion relies to a significant degree on the particular facts of the case. That means different cases with different facts may end up placing a judicial stamp of approval on adoption by fraud. So far though, the law is holding out against the fraudsters.


California Department of Social Services Wants Greater Secrecy for its Actions

May 27, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

California’s child protective agency, the Department ofSocial Services, has long been one of the nation’s worst. Stories pouring out of the state showcaseworkers alternately ignoring serious cases of child abuse or neglect andspending inordinate amounts of time on minor cases or those in which no abuseor neglect were found. And woe betidethe parent who asserts his/her rights against the agency. Caseworkers may retaliate, using their powerto investigate families and remove children from homes, not because it’snecessary but because their authority was questioned. The DSS got so bad that at least one statelawmaker issued a public call for the agency to be scrapped and the state tostart again on its effort to protect its most vulnerable citizens.

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