Time Magazine Urges Changes to Hague Convention to Help Mothers Who Abduct Their Children

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Time Magazine Urges Changes to Hague Convention to
Help Mothers Who Abduct Their Children
January 4, 2011
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Time Magazine Urges Changes to Hague Convention to Help Mothers Who Abduct Their Children
By F & F Board Member Robert Franklin, Esq.

In Protecting Kids: Rethinking the Hague Convention (12/10/10), Time magazine uses a study that’s so bad as to be almost spurious to promote the article’s astonishing anti-father bias.

The Hague Convention was originally drawn up in 1980 to address the problem of parents absconding with children across international borders. Time asks:
So what happens, three decades later, when research indicates that 68% of the abducting parents in cases under this treaty are mothers — and that many of them are fleeing abusive spouses?
To which the obvious answer should be, “Nothing.”  Without evidence showing that the courts aren’t competent to deal with claims of abuse by parents, why should the Convention be changed?  After all, the Convention and the laws of most (or possibly all) of the signatory countries contain protections for abused spouses and children.  As usual, the complaint is based on the entirely unproven theory that family courts don’t care about mothers’ claims of abuse.

Time apparently believes that because the kidnappers caught in the Convention’s net are mothers, the law must be defective and something must be done. Any mother who violates the parental rights of a father is justified in doing so because she’s protecting herself or the child from abuse by him.  All claims of abuse by a mother must be taken on faith as true.  All protestations of innocence by the father are false and cynical. In some unexplained way, fathers so control family courts that mothers’ pleas of abuse go unheeded.  Pretty much anything can constitute “battering” by the dad, etc.

Thus no one should be surprised if the study touted by the article followed some version of the above.  And right on cue, enter stage left researchers Jeffrey Edleson and Taryn Lindhorst, followed closely by Time magazine, dressed as Fool. The study is 404 pages long but Edleson and Lindhorst interviewed a scant 22 mothers who claimed abuse; no fathers were interviewed; no judges were interviewed; the authors evince no skepticism of the mothers’ claims; the “definition of abuse” is laughably broad; and the authors themselves all but admit that their findings cannot be generalized.  

But to Time, all of that is perfectly acceptable. Read more here

We urge you to write a Letter to the Editor of Time magazine by clicking here or writing to [email protected].

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