2 New F & F Newspaper Columns: Child Support, Parental Abductions

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2 New F & F Newspaper Columns: Child Support, Parental Abductions
November 16, 2010
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New F & F Column: ‘Child-support bill would end up hurting the kids’

logoIn Child-support bill would end up hurting the kids (Columbus Dispatch, 11/13/10), Fathers & Families of Ohio Governing Council Member Terry Kee criticizes SB 292, a current Ohio bill which would raise child support levels during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

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Kee writes:
Senate Bill 292, recently introduced by Ohio Senators Shirley A. Smith, D-Cleveland, and Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, would drastically raise Ohio child-support obligations. The average schedule increase for two children would be 27 percent, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

In an environment of high unemployment, falling housing prices, rising local taxes and tight credit, this bill could have a devastating effect for many Ohio parents.

The bill’s sponsors claim that the increase is intended to adjust for inflation; however, the effects of inflation are ultimately captured in wage increases, and Ohio’s Basic Child Support table is income-based - the more you earn, the more you pay.

This bill goes beyond a mere inflation adjustment, however, as it also raises the amount of the obligation relative to income…

The overwhelming majority of the individuals listed on the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ “Most Wanted” posters are blue-collar workers of limited means who are unable to meet the often unrealistic demands of the child-support system.

Senate Bill 292 exacerbates the already tenuous position held by noncustodial parents and would drive more “dead broke” parents underground, ultimately leading to less support, not more…
Read Kee’s full piece here.

New F & F Column: ‘Child’s Abduction Shows Need for Japan to Sign Accord’

logoIn Child’s abduction shows need for Japan to sign accord (Tacoma News Tribune, 11/12/10), Fathers and Families Board Member Robert Franklin, Esq. discusses the Morehouse child abduction case and Japan’s aiding and abetting of child abductors.

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Franklin writes:
The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction requires any signatory nation to return a child to the country from which it was taken. But Japan has never signed the convention and so is not bound by it.

Furthermore, in Japan fathers rarely get custody of their children after a divorce and even visitation is largely up to the mother. So Japan is a safe haven for mothers who wish to abduct their children. Its family courts condone what courts in this country call a felony.

According to the Department of Justice, more than 200,000 children are abducted by a parent in the United States each year. Parental abduction has rightly been called child abuse by psychologists such as Nancy Faulkner, who described the trauma suffered by those children in a paper to the United Nations.

Parents who kidnap their children must hide from the authorities, so the child has nowhere to turn for security but to the abducting parent. Forced isolation means that the child loses contact with his or her extended family, as well as with the other parent...

It is far past time for Japan to join the family of 84 nations that have bound themselves to the Hague Convention. There should be nowhere in the world that provides a safe haven for child abductors.
Read the full piece here.

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