Alert: Bill Seeks to Raise Child Support Levels in Terrible Economy

Ohio F & F Affiliate Launched

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Action Alert: Bill Seeks to Raise Child Support Levels in Terrible Economy; Ohio F & F Affiliate Launched
October 12, 2010
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Action Alert: Bill Seeks to Raise Child Supoprt Levels in Terrible Economy; Ohio F & F Affiliate Launched

FAF OhioShort Version: Ohio SB 292 will raise child support levels in the face of the worst economy since the Great Depression. Fathers and Families of Ohio is working to defeat SB 292 this legislative session but we need your help—please fill out our form here and we will send your letter to all appropriate legislators.

Background Information: Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) and Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) have introduced Ohio SB 292 into the current Ohio legislative session. While the bill does have some significant positives, it has some very ugly negatives. These are all detailed here.

Fathers and Families is working to stop SB 292 in its present form. Fathers and Families is the nation's leader in passing child support and alimony reform legislation to ensure that obligors are being treated fairly. Examples of some of our legislative successes in these areas include AZ HB 2348, CA SB 1482, CA SB 580, CA SB 1355, CA SB 285, IN HB 1165, and MA HB 930.

Moreover, in Massachusetts we were responsible for reducing excessive child support by over $1 billion in Massachusetts from 2001 through 2008.

We will work constructively with Ohio legislators to create a child support bill that will be fair, protect children, and promote the active involvement of both parents in their children's lives.

Fathers and Families of Ohio is working to defeat SB 292 this legislative session but we need your help—please fill out our form here and we will send your letter to all appropriate legislators.

F & F Launches Ohio Affiliate

FAF Ohio meeting
F & F of Ohio leaders, pictured at our founding meeting in Columbus--from left to right, front row: Alyssa Trimble, Lisa Cole, Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Susan Takach, Rita Fuerst-Adams. From left to right, middle row: Paul Fisher, Ned Holstein, Terry Kee, Matt Johnson,Terry Krukemyer. From left to right, back row: Edwin Hissa, Jim Wiggins, Glenn Sacks, Donald Hubin, Bruce Peoples, and Rick Bell.

Greetings from F & F of Ohio's Executive Committee: We Have a Lot of Work to Do, and We Want You to Be a Part of It

Every child has a right to the loving guidance and support of both parents. Ohio, like other states, has adopted laws, practices, and public policies that do not protect this right, and sometimes actively undermine it. Fathers and Families of Ohio has been formed to address this problem and to bring to Ohio the gains that Fathers and Families has achieved in other states.

We're committed to the following:

  • Parenting-Time Enforcement: Research shows that many non-residential parents in Ohio have difficulty exercising their court-ordered parenting time because of interference by the other parent. We are working with the Ohio Fatherhood Commission and selected legislators to provide a prompt, low-cost, effective solution to this problem.

  • Alimony Reform: We seek: a cap on the duration of any spousal support obligation to half the length of the marriage; a prohibition against continuation of spousal support past the age of retirement; to eliminate "double dipping” (the consideration of a obligor's business both as an asset in the property division and as a source of income for purposes of spousal support); and numerous other reforms to R.C. 3105.18, Ohio's spousal support statute.

  • Presumption of Shared Parenting: Children of divorce or separation should be permitted to have as full a relationship with each parent as possible. We seek to create a law under which each custody case begins with a legal presumption of shared parenting and moves to sole custody only if it is necessary to protect children.

  • Child Support: The Ohio Senate is considering a bill that would significantly increase the rates in the Basic Child Support Table. We're working with the Ohio Office of Child Support and with state legislators to ensure that child support is reasonable and fair.

  • Military Parents' Child Custody Rights: Many deployed service personnel face serious family court issues. We seek to follow up on Fathers and Families' legislative successes in other states with Ohio legislation that protect deployed servicemembers' child custody and parenting time rights and shield them from family court financial abuses.
These are just a few of the many issues that Fathers and Families of Ohio is working on right now, and we want you to be a part of it. To contact Fathers and Families of Ohio, please call (800) 704-3237 or email us at [email protected].

Making political change costs money--to contribute to Fathers and Families of Ohio, please click here.

The changes we seek won't come easily, but with your help, they will come.

Together with you in the love of our children,

Donald C. Hubin, Ph.D., Chairman, F & F of Ohio Executive Committee
Paul Lee, Esq., Member, F & F of Ohio Executive Committee
Steven J. Kokensparger, Esq., Member, F & F of Ohio Executive Committee
Matthew Johnson, M.S. Ed., Member, F & F of Ohio Executive Committee
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Volunteer Testimonial

"Everyone complains of absentee fathers, but it is so difficult to get the courts to allow joint custody, let alone full custody, or even court-ordered visitation that actually works in real life. We are trying to do our part to help by working with these young men and bringing National Parents Organization to Pennsylvania. "

By Kate and Richard Bayer, Members, Executive Committee, Pennsylvania