Ohio House Moves to Limit Birth-Parents’ Rights

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February 7, 2014

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Ohio House Moves to Limit Birth-Parents’ Rights
by Don Hubin, Chair, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Ohio

Brandon Jones
Don Hubin
By a 77-14 vote, the Ohio House passed a bill (HB 307) designed to ease adoptions in Ohio. Unfortunately, HB 307 not only doesn’t adequately protect the rights of birth parents, it significantly curtails the rights that birth parents currently have in Ohio.

Children deserve loving parents and adoption is often the best option. But children deserve first to be raised by their biological parents if those parents are fit and willing. Streamlining the process for adopting newborns is not necessary to ensure that all newborns who are put up for adoption find good homes. There is already more demand than supply for healthy newborn adoptees. And streamlining the adoption process in ways that curtail the rights of biological parents to raise their children is wrong. HB 307 is a flawed bill.

There are a number of changes that HB 307 will make if it were passed by the Ohio Senate and signed by the Governor in its present form. Read more...

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"Facts show those younger children whose parents have equal shared custody are doing better emotionally, psychologically, academically and socially. Unfortunately, the Connecticut family court system has always been about one parent winning, and the other losing. Working with National Parents Organization we can help create an Equally Shared Parenting Task Force in the Connecticut Legislature. The purpose would be to create a law that would improve the lives of our children by experiencing direct support, love, and care from both parents and extended families."

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