Let’s Debate — Determining Custody

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March 7, 2014

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Let’s Debate — Determining Custody
By Terry Kee, Member, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Ohio

Terry Kee
Terry Kee
Some people argue that determining custody is fairly simple — in their view, that parent who provided the primary care during the marriage should be awarded primary custody subsequent to divorce.

This argument recently surfaced in response to National Parents Organization’s founder and chair Ned Holstein’s interview on National Public Radio. An Indiana attorney who Blogs for Babble, a website sponsored by Disney wrote this:

“In Indiana, the judges will look at a series of factors in determining which parent should be the primary custodian of the children. What it basically boils down to is which parent has been acting as the primary custodian of the children? Which parent has been changing the kids’ diapers? Which parent helps the kids with their schoolwork? Which parent gets up in the morning and gets the kids off to school? Which parent spends the most time with the kids? Which parent does the kids’ laundry?”

Did you get that judges? The primary caregiver gets the primary custody. Done. Next case...

Now I’m not sure what century this guy is living in... but in this century women work outside of the home and men take care of children. Now what? He continues:

“When the father has been the parent who has been changing the diapers and helping the kids with their schoolwork, the court will award dad custody without hesitation.” Read more...

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Janet Graham
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