Shared Parenting Solves Child Support Delinquency

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August 27, 2014

NPO Logo National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child's right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
Shared Parenting Solves Child Support Delinquency
By Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director, National Parents Organization

Twenty-one years ago this month, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August as National Child Support Enforcement Month but in doing so focused attention on the symptom of a greater problem — a family court system that discourages shared parenting and gender equality in instances of divorce or separation.

As an increasing amount of research on parental roles has emerged in recent years, it has become clear in hindsight that family courts should focus instead on what children benefit from most — equal time with both their parents, even in instances of divorce or separation. By doing so, they would resolve not only delinquencies associated with “child support” in the financial sense, but also problems tied to gender inequality and, most importantly, the court’s continued practice of depriving children from the countless benefits associated with constant love and caring from both their parents.

Still, our family courts operate relying on precedent set in the 50s and look past research that shows clearly that shared parenting benefits the entire modern family. In the latest example, for instance, the American Psychological Association published a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center paper by Richard Warshak earlier this year, titled “Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children: A Consensus Report,” that concluded “a broad consensus of accomplished researchers and practitioners agree that, in normal circumstances, the evidence supports shared residential arrangements for children under 4 years of age whose parents live apart from each other.” The paper was endorsed by an international group of 110 top experts in early child development. Read more...

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Fraser Institute: Canada’s Child Support Guidelines Overpay Custodial Parents, Not Based on Evidence
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It’s always nice to see academia finally catching up with this blog. Admittedly, it doesn’t happen often, but in this case it has (Marketwired, 8/22/14). The link is to a press release for this report by Canada’s Fraser Institute that’s gotten around to analyzing that country’s child support laws and, precisely as the National Parents Organization did last year, found them discriminatory and at odds with economic reality (Fraser Institute, 8/14). Here’s the NPO post by the excellent Lucian Khodeir who’s likely forgotten more about Canadian child support laws than the Fraser Institute knows (NPO, 3/21/13). Read more...

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The case of Steven Carter I wrote about yesterday just got stranger. Carter’s the British man who’s paid out some £31,000 in child support for a child who isn’t his. Genetic testing revealed the woman, now 22 years old, has a different biological dad. The British Child Support Agency promised Carter twice that, if he were proven not to be the father, then he’d be reimbursed for what he paid in support. But now the CSA has reneged on its written promise. Some of us harbor the quaint notion that a written promise to pay is a contract, but apparently the CSA disagrees. I guess we’ll see. Read more...

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The Nebraska Unicameral legislature hasn’t been in session in many months, but that doesn’t mean the drive for equal parenting in the state has stalled. No, pro-equal parenting forces are still on the move and it looks like some of the more recalcitrant office-holders may be showing signs of seeing the light. Senator Brad Ashford, who was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee last session, took a lot of heat for failing to move an equal parenting bill to the floor of the Unicameral for a vote. That occurred despite the fact that the wording of the bill had been passed on by pro-dad activists and by those in the domestic violence community. Read more...

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The lengths to which people go to gain an unfair advantage in child custody cases long ago ceased to amaze me. Murder, abduction, perjury, parental alienation, payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars to mental health professionals hired for the sole purpose of training the parent to be evaluated by another MHP, hiring hit men, you name it, someone’s done it just to make sure the other parent doesn’t get to see the child. Read more...


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“Everyone complains of absentee fathers, but it is so difficult to get the courts to allow joint custody, let alone full custody, or even court-ordered visitation that actually works in real life.

We are trying to do our part to help by working with these young men and bringing National Parents Organization to Pennsylvania.”

Janet Graham
Kate and Richard Bayer, Members, Executive Committee, Pennsylvania

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"I’m excited about the opportunities National Parents Organization brings to Kentucky families. Too many families have had one parent, usually the father, denied his or her parental rights by the family courts. This damages not only the ousted parent, but the children too. I believe that proper education and people’s good inner spirit can lead to a better path: shared parenting."

By Matthew Hale, Chair, Kentucky Executive Committee