Election Day Presents Opportunity to Support Shared Parenting

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October 30, 2014

NPO Logo National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child's right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
Election Day Presents Opportunity to Support Shared Parenting
By Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director, National Parents Organization

Election Day
National Parents Organization urges its members to vote in support of candidates who advocate for shared parenting on Election Day. While we continue national efforts to reform obsolete child custody laws, one of the greatest ways each of our individual members can have an impact is at the polls. Thirty-six states are holding gubernatorial elections. It is a pivotal year for many of you to get out and vote.

Prior to casting your ballot on Election Day, Tuesday November 4, we encourage you to research your local candidates to determine where they stand on shared parenting in instances of divorce or separation. Also consider the incumbents’ voting record, specifically on issues related to child custody. In addition, voters should scrutinize all ballot questions and evaluate how they may impact our modern families.

We hope this pre-election scrutiny translates into informed voter decisions that bring good news for shared parenting, parental equality, and, ultimately, all children throughout the nation who desperately need the love and care of both parents following divorce or separation.

Elected officials, including representatives and judges at many levels, play a critical role in shaping our laws as well as court practices that will heavily influence future child custody results. Now more than ever, it is clear that shared parenting is in the best interest of children’s health and well-being, and as a result, it is imperative that we elect representatives and back ballot initiatives that work toward ensuring more children, especially those whose parents are not together, experience a childhood where both parents are fully engaged in their lives.

It’s important to consider that in the months prior to this election, three different groups of child development researchers and practitioners endorsed shared parenting in most circumstances. Among them is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, which published the recommendations of 32 family law experts, concluding that “children’s best interests are furthered by parenting plans that provide for continuing and shared parenting relationships.” It is our responsibility to make certain our elected officials hear this news and the greatest way to send the message is through an election. Read more...

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Follow the bouncing child. Or rather, try to guess when the child is a child and when she’s an adult. In Massachusetts at least, it’s not easy to know and in fact you’ll probably have to pay a lawyer to help you figure it out. Read about it here (Boston Globe, 10/19/14). Read more...

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It’s called the “fugitive disentitlement doctrine” under which fleeing the reach of a court’s jurisdiction automatically voids the fugitive’s right to appeal the order sought to be avoided. Read more...

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OK, so let’s try another question. Do they have a duty to attempt to protect children they know to be at risk? Surely the answer to that question is “Yes.” Indeed, what else is their job? What else do taxpayers hire them to do? When they receive credible information that a child may be at risk of harm, most people would agree that caseworkers have an obligation to investigate the matter and determine, to the best of their ability whether the child is in danger, has been abused or neglected and, if so, what to do next. Again, I think most people would say that’s pretty much their job description. Read more...

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“As an involved grandparent, nothing gives me more satisfaction than working for the next generation of children in Connecticut. National Parents Organization brings like-minded people together to improve outcomes for the children of divorce, and unites Connecticut groups with those working on this cause in other states. Now we are proposing changes to Connecticut’s Child Support Guidelines. The proposed Guidelines empower both parents to maintain households and pay for expenses associated with child rearing. The term “empowered” is important, since they benefit from seeing parents who have responsibility and the means to exercise this responsibility.”

John Clapp
John M. Clapp, Member,
Connecticut Executive Committee

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"National Parents Organization focuses on significant, practical changes to public policy and family law that will protect every child’s right to the full, loving involvement of fit parents. National Parents Organization of Florida welcomes your involvement to affect the changes necessary to protect a quality parent-child relationship when parents live apart."

By Troy D. Matson, JD, Chair, Florida Executive Committee