October Newsletter: NPO Announces 6 New Affiliates


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October 29, 2018


National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting  every child's right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.


NPO announces addition of 6 new state affiliates



We are excited to welcome new state affiliate chapters in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, and New York, adding to the organization’s already robust network of shared parenting activists across the country. This gives us 15 state affiliates throughout the U.S. as we look to build on recent legislative reform passed in Kentucky and Virginia that promotes shared parenting.


Janet Mercurio (California), Tina Lia (Hawaii), Jerry Papin (Idaho), William Cozzi (Illinois), Brian Ulrich (Minnesota) and Josh Blumenthal (New York) will be the new affiliate chairs in their respective states.






Poll: Overwhelming majority of Ohio voters support concept of shared parenting



Recently, Public Policy Polling questioned 556 voters about shared parenting — as close to equal time with both fit and willing parents in instances of divorce or separation. This showed overwhelming support for shared parenting outcomes, backing up a recent National Parents Organization (NPO) study that concluded changes could be made to many default plans throughout the state.






NPO's Paasch featured in Virginian Pilot


"The National Parents Organization applauds the progress in Arizona to do what’s best for children and families. The results of the state's 2018 survey should allow leaders in other states, such as Virginia, to feel comfortable adopting similar changes."





Draft legislation in Italy promotes enforcing "perfect co-parenting"


Italy’s governing coalition is looking to enforce what it describes as “perfect co-parenting.” Children of divorced couples would spend equal time living with each parent — and each parent would pay for the children’s needs when taking care of them.






NPO letter to the editor in Columbus Dispatch


"The women leaders of NPO want to make clear that this issue is not “boys vs. girls” or “moms vs. dads.” To try to cast it as a skirmish in the gender wars is to diminish its significance and ultimately hurts children, which no reasonable person would want."





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Volunteer Testimonial

"As an involved grandparent, nothing gives me more satisfaction than working for the next generation of children in Connecticut. National Parents Organization brings like-minded people together to improve outcomes for the children of divorce, and unites Connecticut groups with those working on this cause in other states. Now we are proposing changes to Connecticut’s Child Support Guidelines. The proposed Guidelines empower both parents to maintain households and pay for expenses associated with child rearing. The term “empowered” is important, since they benefit from seeing parents who have responsibility and the means to exercise this responsibility."

By John M. Clapp, Member, Connecticut Executive Committee: