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Queens, NY--The Domestic Violence establishment has tremendous influence, and here's another example. Dr. David Menchell, M.D., a reader, recently wrote me about the DV establishment pushing misleading information on DV inside New York hospitals. Menchell writes:
I was recently reviewing some inaccurate data dealing with Domestic Violence which may end up providing many people information that is biased and discriminatory against men. I was completing a series of exams needed for recredentialing at the local hospital where I am on staff (New York Hospital Queens Division). This is a requirement for hospital accreditation by the Joint Commission. This process involves all hospital employees throughout the country. They are required to be familiar with a range of topics dealing with patient care in the hospital setting, ranging from fire and electrical safety to dealing with disasters and patient confidentiality. There was a section dealing with observing and reporting possible cases of abuse and domestic violence. The syllabus and several questions basically eliminated the existence of female against male violence, stating that it exists but "is extremely rare." Studies that I have seen report occurrence rates as high as 30-40% of all dating and marital situations--not exactly rare. There is also no mention of women attempting to manipulate the system by making false allegations of abuse, which I experienced as well as many other men I know. There is gender bias in the detection and reporting of female against male violence. Many of these incidents go unreported because of the reluctance of men to report being the victims of such attacks, and people should also be aware of the attempts of some women to produce fabricated medical records to support false allegations of abuse.

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