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facebook-icon Fathers and Families invites our members, activists, and supporters to visit our improved Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/FathersandFamilies. We encourage all of you to promote our page among your friends and family members. How to Get Started 1. Click the "Like" button at the top of our Facebook page to be added as a fan of the page and to receive Action Alerts and other updates with Facebook messages. Clicking "Like" allows you to access other features on the page. 2. Click the "Share" button in the bottom left corner of our Facebook page, to place a description and to link to our page on your wall. This lets all your friends know you support us. 3. Click the 'Suggest to Friends' item in the left menu under our logo. Then please:
  • Highlight/Click everyone who may support the cause.  (You may be surprised who joins and who doesn't, so may as well invite everyone.)
  • Type a sentence or two why you would like them to join.
  • Click 'Send Invitations' button in bottom left of the friend selection window.
An Opportunity for Fathers and Families Supporters Our improved Facebook page offers our activists the opportunity to:
  • Stay in the loop.  All new Fathers and Families content will appear in your news feed as it is added, if your settings allow.  Never again will you be the last to know--your news feed is the first page you see when you log in and when you click "Home.
  • "Attend" an Action Alert.  This lets everyone else know you did your part and shows your friends that you support the Action.
  • "Share" any item that appears on our page, so that all your friends will see it in their news feeds and when they visit your Facebook page.
  • Listen, watch, or read our most recent media coverage.  Share your thoughts with other supporters by commenting on the content.
  • Join the discussion.  Our page has a discussion board to share ideas, news, and opinions. (All posts are moderated, and are required to adhere to the Fathers and Families" Facebook Posting Policies and Rules.)
Volunteers Needed We are looking for volunteer moderators--if you're interested, please fill out our volunteer form and write "Facebook Moderator" in the "How You Can Help" box. To contact our Facebook page administrators, simply email Facebook@fathersandfamilies.org. Together with you in the love of our children, Glenn Sacks, MA Executive Director, Fathers and Families Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S. Founder, Chairman of the Board, Fathers and Families

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