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A letter from a reader: "Once I was at a southern-style diner in Virginia. A man was eating with friends when I can only guess his wife showed up, mad as hell. They exchanged words, and she picked up a plate and hit him in the head with it. However when a [police] officer walked in for lunch, he saw him push her out of his face. He was arrested right there on the spot. "The waitress informed the cop what had happened, but he still refused to arrest the woman. He only arrested her after other customers informed him that if he didn't, they would all go the police station and file reports on him for not doing his job. "He replied that he was under orders to arrest only the man in any domestic violence situation, no matter what." [Note: If you or someone you love is being abused, the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women provides crisis intervention and support services to victims of domestic violence and their families.]

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