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Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Fathers not short-changed by B.C. Adoption Act, minister says (The Canadian Press, 10-2-07) Parents to have money taken away from child support payments (Informationliberation.com, 10-2-07) Dancers lead fight for fathers' rights (The Morning Sun, 10-3-07) Televangelist's Husband Denies Abuse (Associated Press, 10-3-7) Waterford Police Pursuing Mother in Abduction Case (CBS 6 Albany, 10-3-07) Family judges campaign to take the bitterness and costs out of divorce (The Times, 10-4-07) TV chef must sell seafront restaurant in £3.6m divorce (Daily Mail, 10-6-07)

Home at last; Dad brings abducted tot home (The Record, 10-7-07)

A loan that helps couples go solo (Times Online, 10-8-07)

Rise of collaborative divorce is not for everyone (The Washington Times, 10-8-07)

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