NPO publishes blog articles to inform and to stimulate conversation about issues of importance to NPO's mission.  All blog articles express the opinions of the authors as individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of National Parents Organization, its Board of Directors, or its executives.  

If you have a family law problem and would like to be referred to a family law expert in your area, please fill out our family law help form here. Fathers and Families has compiled a vast library of resources for parents involved in a divorce or separation--to access it, click here. Also, SPARC (Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center) has a good collection of information available at http://www.deltabravo.net. Fathers and Families built a new website in January of 2009, but we have kept the previous Fathers and Families website online for your convenience. To access that website, click here. To access the Google search function for that website, click here. To search Fathers and Families' blog posts 2007-present, please visit our current home page here and use the Google Search function in the upper right-hand column. Glenn Sacks, MA Executive Director Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S. Founder, Chairman of the Board

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