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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Senator Rod Wright (left) receives Fathers and Families' 'California Senator of the Year Award 2010' from F & F legislative representative Michael Robinson (right)"][/caption] Fathers and Families has named Senator Rod Wright its "California Senator of the Year" for 2010. On our plaque (see above) we praised Wright  for his "fine leadership in the fight for family court reform" and also noted:
We applaud your inexhaustible passion and leadership on behalf of children of divorce or separation and mothers and fathers with disabilities, as well as your efforts to improve the quality of life for all parents and their children.
We worked closely with Senator Wright on several child custody and child support reform bills in 2010. These included CA. SB 1188 (Child Custody/Visitation Reform), SB 1482 (Alimony Reform), and CA. SB 580 & CA. SB 1355 (Child Support Reform). All four bills were signed into law by former Governor Schwarzenegger last fall.

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