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Fathers and Families' Shared Parenting bill (H02684) will have its public hearing by the Joint Committee on the Judiciary on Wednesday, May 18 at the State House in Boston. We want your help for this critical hearing. We need you to:
1) Call the members of the Judiciary Committee (as well as your local legislators) and let them know that you support H02684. The contact info. for all Committee Members is here. To find your own state senator or representative, click here. Tell us how your interactions went by writing to us at [email protected] 2) Be there on Wednesday, May 18 at 1 pm in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House when the bill is heard. For directions, click here. Tell us you will be attending by emailing us at [email protected]
Background on H02684 Fathers and Families members' Citizen Lobbyist efforts of the past several months have paid off, as nearly 30% of all Massachusetts legislators signed on as co-sponsors of Shared Parenting legislation. For a complete list of these legislators, click here or see the bottom of this page. What to Do at the Hearing Wednesday, May 18 We need you to:
  • Tell the committee members that you are in favor of shared parenting legislation. You'll be limited to three minutes, and they will enforce this.
  • Be polite.
  • Speak lovingly of your children and how they would be helped by shared parenting.
You don"t need to be an expert on the text of our shared parenting bill (the pros and cons, etc.) because you won't be questioned by legislators. Please do not:
  • Spend time criticizing your ex, the judges, feminists, or the legislators.
  • Make claims and accusations you cannot prove, such as financial corruption, legislators being in the pocket of the lawyers, or whatever. Leave the anger and the threats to run them out of office at home.
  • Go off topic. This is the time to talk about shared parenting, not about child support, restraining orders, or other subjects.
F & F's History of Organizing Popular Support for Shared Parenting in Massachusetts

While we have been stymied to date by a small minority on the Judiciary Committee, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of the population of Massachusetts favors shared parenting, and it's safe to say that most legislators favor it, too. We say this because:

  • An  F & F Massachusetts shared parenting ballot initiative in 2004 won by a huge margin (86%-14%).
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told the Massachusetts legislature that if they pass our shared parenting bill, he will sign it, and F & F  has met with Patrick.
  • F & F has consistently been able to gather large numbers of legislative co-sponsors for shared parenting, including future U.S. Senator Scott Brown and many others.
  • Shared parenting was the most-requested plank in the Platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party in 2009.
  • Shared parenting was endorsed in principle by the editorial board of the Boston Globe in 2008.
To learn more about Shared Parenting bill H02684, including a short summary, a detailed summary, and the full text of the bill, please visit our Massachusetts Shared Parenting page here.

To contribute financially to support Fathers and Families' work on H02684 and Shared Parenting, please click here.

Please feel free to call us with any questions about the hearing at (617) 542-9300.

Together with you in the love of our children,

Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S. Founder, Chairman of the Board Glenn Sacks, MA Executive Director Massachusetts Legislators Who Signed on to Co-Sponsor Shared Parenting Legislation for 2011 Paul  Adams 17th Essex Denise Andrews 2nd Franklin James Arciero 2nd Middlesex F. Jay  Barrows 1st Bristol Matthew  Beaton 11th Worcester Jennifer E.  Benson 37th Middlesex John J. Binienda 17th Worcester Stephen M.  Brewer Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin William N.  Brownsberger 24th Middlesex Thomas J.  Calter 12th Plymouth Linda Dean Campbell 15th Essex Sal N.  DiDomenico Middlesex, Suffolk, and Essex James J. Dwyer 30th Middlesex Carolyn C. Dykema 8th Middlesex Kimberly Ferguson 1st Worcester Paul K.  Frost 7th Worcester Sean  Garballey 23rd Middlesex Colleen M. Garry 36th Middlesex Anne M. Gobi 5th Worcester Thomas A. Golder, Jr. 16th Middlesex Robert L.  Hedlund Plymouth and Norfolk Carlos Henriquez 5th Suffolk Bradford Hill 4th Essex Kate  Hogan 3rd Middlesex Bradley H. Jones, Jr. 20th Middlesex Brian A. Joyce Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth Thomas P.  Kennedy Second Plymouth and Bristol Michael R.  Knapik Second Hampden and Hampshire Robert M. Koczera 11th Bristol Kevin Kuros 8th Worcester Steven L. Levy 4th Middlesex Jason M. Lewis 31st Middlesex David Paul Linsky 5th Middlesex James  Lyons 18th Essex Thomas M. McGee Third Essex and Middlesex Paul  McMurtry 11th Norfolk Aaron Michlewitz 3rd Suffolk Shaunna  O'Connell 3rd Bristol James J. O'Day 14th Worcester George N. Peterson, Jr. 9th Worcester Anthony W.  Petruccelli First Suffolk and Middlesex Elizabeth Poirier 14th Bristol John P. Presolo 16th Worcester Angelo J.  Puppolo, Jr. 12th Hampden Richard J.  Ross Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex Angelo M. Scaccia 14th Suffolk Carl M. Sciortino, Jr. 34th Middlesex Todd M. Smola 1st Hampden Joyce A.  Spiliotis 12th Essex David B.  Sullivan 6th Bristol Benjamin Swan 11th Hampden Bruce E. Tarr First Essex and Middlesex James E. Timilty Bristol and Norfolk Walter F.  Timilty 7th Norfolk Steven A. Tolman Second Suffolk and Middlesex Chris Walsh 6th Middlesex Daniel Winslow 9th Norfolk

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