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March 13, 2014
By Christopher Howard, Chair, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of New York

With a tidal wave of shared parenting legislation sweeping the nation, New York has a golden opportunity to dramatically improve the outcomes of millions of children in the state by passing shared parenting legislation. Senate Bills 949 and 5316 would establish “a presumption of shared parenting of minor children in matrimonial proceedings.” The Bills are now in the Children and Families committee, and they need your help now to move to a floor vote.

Call and email members of the Children and Families Committee listed below. Use National Parents Organization Shared Parenting Talking Points and Make Shared Parenting the Norm. Tell our legislators why shared parenting is in the best interest of your children and every child in New York State.

In the Assembly, a similar Bill, A6457, is in the Judiciary Committee. There is a very real possibility that the bills will not make it out of committee without the voices of concerned constituents who want this bill passed.

Over the last six months National Parents Organization of New York has come to life. Our dedicated executive committee members, along with the national board, have been investigating inroads into the structure of the support and custody systems currently in place in New York State. As we are all acutely aware, the family court system is in a state of disarray and is failing miserably. The very people who should be benefiting, our children, are instead neglected and suffering. Unless you and I take action, those both appointed and elected to serve will continue to diminish relationships between children and their parents with little regard for the welfare of our family members and with zero accountability.

As our organization grows and evolves, we need your help.

You can help now by writing or calling legislators listed below who are on the committees and by visiting the websites of your district lawmakers. Take a look at their histories to determine who will be willing to work together with us to bring about the family law reforms that are so desperately needed. Let me know you are interested in working for shared parenting and other family law reforms in New York State.

This is action you can take right now to help us achieve our common goals.

Children and Families Committee
Catharine Young, R-District 57, [email protected], (518) 455-3563
John J. Bonacic, R-District 42, [email protected], (518) 455-3181
Simcha Felder, D-District 17, [email protected], (518) 455-2754
Velmanette Montgomery, D-District 25, [email protected], (518) 455-3451
Diane J. Savino, D-District 23, [email protected], (518) 455-2437
Cecilia Tkaczyk, D-District 46, [email protected], 518-455-2470

Judiciary Committee
Helene Weinstein, District 41, [email protected], 518.455.5462
William Barclay, District 120, [email protected], 518.455.5841
Edward Braunstein, District 26, [email protected], 518.455.5425
David Buchwald, District 93, [email protected], 518.455.5397
Jeffrey Dinowitz, District 81, [email protected], 518.455.5965
Al Graf, Disrict 5, [email protected], 518.455.5937
Edward Hennessey, Disrict 3, [email protected], 518.455.4901
Tony Jordan, District 113, [email protected], 518.455.5404
Charles Lavine, District 13, [email protected], 518.455.5467
Chad Lupinacci, District 10, [email protected], 518.455.5732
Michael Montesano, District 15, [email protected], 518.455.4684
Daniel O'Donnell, District 69, [email protected], 518.455.5603
Dan Quart, District 73, [email protected], 518.455.4794
Sean Ryan, District 149, [email protected], 518.455.4886
Aravella Simotas, District 36, [email protected], 518.455.5014
Phil Steck, District 110, [email protected],ny.us, 518.455.5840
Claudia Tenney, District 101, [email protected], 518.455.5334
Matthew Titone, District 61, [email protected], 518.455.4677
Michele Titus, District 844, [email protected], 518.455.5668
David Weprin, District 24, [email protected], 518.455.5806
Kenneth Zebrowski, District 96, [email protected], 518.455.5735

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