Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Larry David's divorce mirrored on 'Curb' (Associated Press, 10-23-07) More seniors consider divorce (The Korea Times, 10-23-07) Divorce will put woman on stand at first-degree murder trial (Vancouver Sun, 10-23-07) Center for Family Development serves in many ways (Shelbyville Times-Gazette, 10-24-07) Domestic Violence Laws Require Reform, Groups Say (Hawaii Reporter, 10-24-07) Divorce: a better way out of marriage (Telegraph, 10-24-07) African American divorce rates outpace other races (Kansas City Call, 10-24-07) Separating with civility (The Globe and Mail, 10-25-07) Couple's divorce experience helps others (SunHerald.com, 10-26-07) Kansas high court rules against sperm donor (Kansas City Star, 10-26-07)

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