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koa-am-850-logoFathers and Families" Robert Franklin, Esq. criticized domestic violence policies on KOA AM 850 in Denver on August 3---to listen to the audio, click here. Franklin also criticized the media reaction to Catherine Kieu Becker's attack on her husband, where she cut off his penis and put it in a garbage disposal. Franklin says:

Most people viewed the incident with horror, but not so the five hosts on the CBS daytime show The Talk. From the instant host Julie Chen introduced the topic of Becker"s alleged attack on her husband, both panel and audience were laughing and applauding.

Host Sharon Osbourne called the man"s sexual mutilation "quite fabulous' and "hysterical.' Other panelists avidly joined the hilarity. One frankly said that sexually mutilating a man was appropriate in some situations.

For decades now we"ve been told 'There"s no excuse for domestic violence.' Yet, as the panelists on The Talk again make clear, women"s violence against men is routinely excused by popular culture.  It"s also overlooked by police, courts, and the news media.

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