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Some of you may remember several weeks ago in one of my weekly E-newsletters I asked for Texas custodial dads who receive or are supposed to receive child support. Many of you responded--so many, in fact, that the Houston FOX affiliate on whose behalf I wrote the notice told me they had to have a "cattle call" of all the dads. FOX ended up using three of the dads in the show (pictured, above right), and they spoke about their situations and their struggles. While I have no complaint about what's in the show's clip of me, the totality of my interview was more nuanced. In the interview I also pointed to the many problems with the child support system, and explained that noncustodial moms sometimes fall victim to them just like noncustodial dads often do. To watch the FOX special, which aired in Houston on Monday, November 5, click here. (Warning, it may take a moment to load.) To write Emmy Award winning reporter Melinda Spaulding, who put the special together, click here.

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