From 2 of Mass. child support"s "10 Most Wanted" found (Boston Herald, 3/3/09):
BOSTON -- Authorities have arrested two men at the top of Massachusetts"s "Ten Most Wanted" list for failure to pay child support. The Department of Revenue says Christopher Lagos, a Plymouth construction worker who allegedly owes more than $196,000 in child support payments, was arrested in Venice, Fla., on a criminal warrant for non-support. Lagos waived extradition and will be returned to Massachusetts within the next ten days. Officials also said that Eric Grenier, a Methuen construction worker accused of failing to pay $188,733, was identified by New Hampshire officials following an assault conviction.
Two construction workers whose child support arrearages combine to almost $400,000--doesn't anybody think that's a little strange? Oops--we're talking about "deadbeat" dads here--no questions allowed. Write the Boston Herald a Letter to the Editor here or comment on the story directly by clicking here. The "Wanted" poster for all the "deadbeats" is above--one educated guy and nine blue collar workers. This isn't typical of most of these lists--usually all 10 are blue collar workers.

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