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Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Male domestic violence victims increase (East Anglian Daily Times, 11-6-07) Mills is dumped by divorce lawyers (San Francisco Chronicle, 11-9-07) Michael Jordan finally speaks about divorce (Chicago Sun-Times, 11-9-07) Becker's child custody triumph (The Sun, 11-9-07) Osmond goodbye: family shares memories of father (Deseret Morning News, 11-10-07) Ex-NBA player with at least 8 kids files for bankruptcy (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11-11-07) Cate Edwards: on the Trail for Dad (Associated Press, 11-11-07) Like father, like son for Broads (Times Online, 11-11-07) Broward residents can now go online to file for divorce, small claims (South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 11-12-07) Brooklyn woman stabs father of child to death (WNBC, 11-12-07) Father finally figures into her life (Fay Observer, 11-12-07)

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