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December 2nd, 2011 by Glenn Sacks
Solomon Metalwala has been separated from his 4-year-old daughter Maile Metalwala for almost a year, due largely to the discredited abuse allegations made against him by his estranged wife Julia Biryukova. As we’ve explained in previous posts and on our page Campaign to Reunite Solomon Metalwala with His Daughter Maile, these allegations are not credible for numerous reasons.

Now we have one more–as Matt Phelps’ PNW News piece National group lobbies to return Sky Metalwala’s sister to father (12/1/11) explains, at the November 10 dependency court hearing to decide the placement of Maile, Biryukova told the court that she wanted Maile to be placed with Solomon—the man she claimed had abused her and the kids!

Of course, a mentally disturbed false accuser doesn’t change easily, and soon Biryukova was back to making accusations, tellign ABC News “My former husband is a sadistic Muslim Pakistani. No one has any idea.”

Leslie Clay Terry, an attorney representing Solomon Metalwala, described Biryukova’s actions as a “revenge ride in judicial system to prevent Solomon from seeing the children.” He criticized abuse victim’s advocates who “hover protectively around anyone who makes such [abuse] allegations, without the duty to check it out.”

(One note–Metalwala’s choice of religion is in no way reflective of his abilities as a parent or decency as a person. However, as a mere point of fact, we note that Solomon Metalwala is actually a Christian, not a Muslim, as Biryukova asserts.)

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