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December 1st, 2011 by FAF Staff
Fathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks, MA appeared on KOMO News Radio AM 1000/FM 97.7 in Seattle today and called on Washington authorities to reunite 4-year-old Maile Metalwala with her father Solomon as soon as possible.

From Group pushing for missing boy’s father to be reunited with daughter (KOMO News, 12/1/11):

A national family advocacy group is urging Washington state agencies to reunite the sister of missing boy Sky Metalwala with her father.

Glenn Sacks, executive director of Fathers and Families, said there is no reason for the 4-year-old girl to have to stay in foster care.

“Solomon Metalwala has been separated from his daughter for almost a year now based on charges that have been discredited…”

The girl was taken away from her mother, Julia Biryukova, after her 2-year-old brother disappeared last month…

“How on Earth could it not be detrimental for a scared little girl to be housed with strangers instead of being with the father she loves and needs? I think any parent can relate to that,” said Sacks. “The daughter should’ve immediately been given to her father.”

Solomon Metalwala is scheduled to have a custody hearing next Monday, and Sacks hopes the court will rule in favor of the father.

“We are trying to apply pressure to the relevant agencies there in Washington to reunite this father and his daughter,” he said.

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