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Michelle Glogovac and Jason PatricApril 30, 2014 by Michelle Glogovac, Chair, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of California

I was very fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who are fighting for shared parenting on Parental Alienation Awareness day in Los Angeles, California. National Parents Organization of California joined Jason Patric and his organization, Stand Up For Gus at a press conference on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall. Joe Sorge, producer of Divorce Corp joined us and spoke about the need for family law reform, within our court system and state as a whole.

The day was inspiring and energetic and raised further awareness on the reform that needs to occur. National Parents Organization of California is working hard at legal and legislative reform to ensure that shared parenting becomes the norm and not the exception.

Patric said that he knows change is coming and that this is a historic day that all must remember. He’ll be returning to the same City Hall steps next year, but hopefully with Gus on his shoulders.

People came from near and far, within California and out of state, to share their stories with Jason and each other, as well as show support for one another, and our common goal. Patric said, “The one thing I can tell you is that you’re no longer alone…you have a voice now. This voice is Stand Up for Gus and it’s the voice of the child.”

We have to have hope, to give them hope. What’s going to heal this whole thing is an immeasurable amount of love, but love is not passive. Love is expansive. Love is vigilant. And that’s the kind of love every National Parents Organization volunteer and member needs for our children in this situation.

A few years from now, ten years from now, you’re going to remember you were here this day. You’re going to tell your kids I was there that day. I was there on that Parental Alienation Awareness day. And if they say, ‘You were mama? You were dada? Why?’ You just look at them and say ‘Because that’s how much I love you.’”


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