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July 25, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

I was on HuffPost Live with Nancy Redd Wednesday here (HuffPost Live, 7/23/14). The topic was deadbeat moms and the other guests were attorney Brett Martin from Colorado and a dad from Florida named Christian. Definitely go to the HuffPost Live site and check out the 17-minute segment.

And when you’ve done that, check this out. It’s Christian’s own story of being a father with a Deadbeat Mom as the mother of his kids. It’s pretty strong stuff. Basically, Christian and later his second wife Charlotte have raised his two girls with no assistance from their mother. Interestingly, he seems content to let her go her own way despite the children wondering where she is and why she’s not part of their lives. He’s done so because she truly seems to be a deadbeat, i.e. entirely unable/unwilling to take any form of parental responsibility. It’s a sad situation when a parent — any parent — simply abandons his/her children, but Christian seems to have made the best of a bad situation. Check it out.

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