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May 13, 2015
By Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Dr. Amy Baker has long been one of the most powerful voices advancing awareness of parental alienation. She’s been instrumental in having evidence of PA admitted under the strict Daubert standard in courts across the country. She’s testified in countless cases and written extensively on the topic.

Now she’s written a novel that she hopes will help to further raise awareness of parental alienation. Here’s what she says about it and how you can help promote her book:

“I am launching my Kindle Scout campaign for my novel about parental alienation, The Misery Checklist. The novel tells the story of alienation from the point of view of the targeted parent as well as from the point of the alienating parent. If the novel receives enough nominations, Amazon will select it and promote it. Hopefully, the story will bring greater attention to this devastating form of child abuse. Starting at midnight tonight, you can go the link — which I will post once it is active — and nominate the book (you can read the first few chapters). If selected as a winner, it will be sold by Amazon for a low price. Please feel free to share this link and help spread the word.”

Go to Amazon, nominate The Misery Checklist and help get the word out on parental alienation.

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