Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. On the home front: Soldier custody battle (WHOTV.com, 11-20-07) Suspect arrested in playground killing of NYC orthodontist (Associated Press, 11-20-07) Mom's boyfriend may face new charges in boy's death (The Day, 11-21-07) Divorce rates falling locally and across the US (Kansas City Star, 11-21-07) High Court backs custody battle dad (UTV, 11-22-07) Lehigh County to give parents extra time for child support, if commitment is made (The Morning Call, 11-22-07) New ways of making deadbeats pay up (Daily Herald, 11-23-07) New Convention on child support targets parents (Associated Press, 11-23-07) Hogan 'shocked' by divorce (Fox23, 11-25-07) Mom flees with 3 sons (San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 11-26-07)

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