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December 16, 2016
By: Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Chair of the Board, National Parents Organization

Our Florida members will be excited to learn that Family Law Reform, previously Florida Alimony Reform, has agreed to become National Parents Organization of Florida. In other words, it has become our Florida chapter. This means that our memberships will be combined, our media relations firm will work on behalf of the Florida efforts, and Florida will have the benefit of NPO funding, website, internet support, and more.

The new chapter of NPO will be headed by Alan Frisher and Chuck Reinertsen, as it has been up until now under its old names. They will continue to drive alimony reform ahead in Florida, which was passed by the legislature last year, but vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. They will also introduce legislation on shared parenting (“time sharing”) and perhaps other issues as well.

National Parents Organization has agreed to subsidize the Florida efforts at the rate of over $40,000 per year because of the proven capabilities of the Florida chapter, including in fundraising. Funds will be used to support organizing, media, online and lobbying efforts. But unless Florida members make substantial contributions, we will not be able to maintain this level of subsidy for long. So I urge Floridians to make your tax-deductible contribution before midnight, December 31 of this year!

Take a look at the list of our accomplishments. You will see that we get results -- but only if you will support us financially.

On-line gifts can be made here or checks can be mailed to:

National Parents Organization
716 Beacon Street #590548
Newton Centre, MA 02459

The Florida leadership has already proven that they can get legislation passed in Florida, so please support this effort so we can continue with strength and persistence!

If you have any questions about the new chapter of National Parents Organization, please feel free to email me, Ned Holstein, and/ort Alan Fisher.

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