DATE CONFIRMATION and NEW TIME: Saturday APRIL 21, 2018  from 10:00-1:00 (15 minute break at 11:30).  (Often times many parents want to stay and chat with other parents (new friends) and even exchange contact information, so we have the room until at least 2:00.)

Are you worried about how your relationship with your children’s other parent may be harmful to your child?

Has a conflict / separation with your ex-spouse negatively affected your relationship with your children?

Are your children becoming distant with you ... do they seem to reject you?

Are negative actions from the other parent like bad mouthing or controlling your access to the children contributing to this?

Are you feeling frustrated and confused about the situation you and your children are in?

You may be encountering Parental Alienation, which is more common than people realize.

Learn more about the causes, the devastating effects on your children, and skills to help neutralize this  emotional and psychological abuse and trauma that has lasting negative effects on a child's future adult relationships professionally and in parenting.

THIS IS WORKSHOP #2 FOCUSED ON "How Child Brainwashing Happens, Prevention, Reunification Options."  (Workshop #2 of the "Skills for Achieving Success Managing Parental Alienation" series.)

This educational and interactive workshop will be co-facilitated by:

- Brian, a formerly alienated parent who has done extensive research on the topic

- Beth Ross, LICSW from

- Dana, a mother of 3 adult girls, who has written a memoir about her own alienation from her mother when she was just 4 years old.  

$25 (plus about $3 in fees) per targeted parent (their supporters are free).  Don't let the cost prevent you from coming, scholarships available for all or part of the cost...just email below.  Proceeds after costs are donated to 501(c)3.

If you think you’ve experienced PA please join us (fathers, mothers grandparents or adult children that were alienated encouraged to attend).  Participants will range from early stages of PA to more severe including those parents seeking reunification strategies.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!  Full refund if you email 48 hours before event start time.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR PRE-WORKSHOP HOMEWORK MATERIALS TO BE EMAILED TO YOU..  Click the green "REGISTER" button.  Email [email protected] with questions.

(Even though family members / friends are free - but I need to know headcount and materials - so register / pay for 1 person and Email Brian at [email protected] with their first name and to reserve workshop materials and a seat/s for them.)