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August 26, 2018 by Robert Franklin, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

The National Parents Organization is looking to catch a wave. For some years now, NPO has been the largest, strongest and most effective organization in the country and possibly the world for family court reform. As the arguments in favor of shared parenting grow ever more numerous and stronger, and those against it become weaker and less coherent, NPO believes the wave will continue to grow. Every year, up to half of state legislatures consider bills to make parenting time more equal between mothers and fathers. This past year we saw Kentucky pass the first ever presumption of equal parenting time. Other states, like Arizona, Utah and Missouri have passed less explicit laws that still move us toward equal parenting.

In short, it looks like the momentum for shared parenting will only continue to increase. And of course NPO will be leading the charge toward more just and equitable family courts across the country.

To that end, NPO is proud to announce the purchase of the domain name sharedparenting.com. Board of Directors member Matt Hale explains:

"NPO's acquisition of sharedparenting.com adds further legitimacy to the equal parenting time movement and our place in it," said board member Matt Hale.

"I made the initial recommendation to obtain the website so that it wouldn't be acquired by an anti-shared parenting group or a business looking to get new customers", Hale continued. "NPO's board unanimously approved the motion and Executive Director Petra Maxwell moved quickly to purchase the domain."

"The address currently simply redirects to nationalparentsorganization.org. NPO is considering all options, one of which is to expand the address into its own website. We just want to use it in the best want to help shared parenting become the national standard," Hale concluded.

Given the growing enthusiasm for shared parenting and NPO’s strong belief that more and more states will pass shared parenting legislation in the coming years, making this purchase was the obvious thing to do.

I’m also glad to report that our new Executive Director, Petra Maxwell, has taken the bit in her teeth and is leading NPO with vigor, intelligence and strength.

I’ll continue to report on NPO’s progress as the weeks go by. For now, though, we’re bigger, stronger, more active and better positioned to push reform than ever before.

Hey, what’s not to like?

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