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Our Deputy Executive Director Ginger Gentile appeared on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living in a segment that aired November 8. At minute three Ginger and the hosts discussed NPO’s Shared Parenting Report Card, Arizona’s “A” grade, the need to remove the anger and battles from divorce through shared parenting and mediation, and Kentucky’s first in the nation shared parenting law and its positive effects on families in Kentucky. They are now considering doing a three-part series on shared parenting, parental alienation, and family law reform!

Already this is the story getting the most shares and comments in their history BUT we need to get even more. If you have a minute, please comment on the video and share on your Facebook wall. If you have five minutes, please send to the politicians on your list and to at least ten friends in private message.

Sonoran Living’s Susan Casper also talked about Ginger's documentary, Erasing Family, which follows several families going through the pain of alienation and the impact on the children and the alienated parents. It points to the need for change in the Family Court System across the country to make shared parenting the norm from the beginning in order to avoid much of the pain and anger caused by current practices.

Ginger ends the segment by letting viewers know that research supports shared parenting as best for kids. We're sending the message that shared parenting is needed around the country and people are listening! We hope you'll share this with your family and friends and help us grow this movement and further the momentum created by the video!

There are three upcoming screenings of Erasing Family, two hosted by NPO. Please see below for details and to get tickets:

11/18/2019: St. Petersburg, FL hosted by National Parents Organization Florida. Tickets

11/19/2019: Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, FL hosted by National Parents Organization Tickets

11/20/2019 Phoenix, AZ Tickets

National Parents Organization is interested in hosting more screenings, especially for lawmakers and family court professionals. Contact your local affiliate if you want to get involved.

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