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On our most recent Facebook live chat, Deputy Executive Director Ginger Gentile spoke with Collaborative Attorney and Author Ashley Nicole Russell, Esq. about how to de-escalate conflict in divorce, put the kids first, and why #sharedparenting is so important. As a child of divorce, Ashley-Nicole presents first-hand knowledge of how the current family law system creates conflict and how collaborative law can make the divorce process smoother and lessen the trauma contentious divorces can inflict on children.  Ashley-Nicole is the author of The Cure for Divorce Culture and recently wrote a post for our blog on how to successfully co-parent during the holidays. This video got over 1,400 view and presents new opportunities for shared parenting advocates and professionals involved in family law to come together to reform current practices that hurt kids.

You can reach Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq at:

@anrlaw on social media
[email protected] 

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