Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. 26 arrested in raid over child support allegations (Courier-Post, 12-6-07) Holidays a high time for divorce (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 12-6-07) Rhode Island court denies same-sex divorce plea (Reuters, 12-7-07) The plight of divorced dads (National Post, 12-8-07) Arizona coach Olson files divorce petition (Baltimore Sun, 12-8-07) Correct Call: Free divorce lawyers? State court says no (The Columbian, 12-8-07) Holiday sweep nets $354,000, and 1,020 deadbeat parents (NorthJersey.com, 12-9-07) Meditation can make divorce more tolerable (TheDay.com, 12-9-07) New Mexico advocate for dad's rights takes on child support (Albuquerque Tribune, 12-10-07)

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