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Kelly, a reader, sent me this story and writes:
I think we are missing something very important in the modern world. The ability to take the time to work things out and the ability to meet in the middle.
From 81st Wedding Anniversary:
A British husband and wife who say a little arguing and a "happy outlook" keep them together just celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary. Frank Milford, 101, and his wife, Anita, 100, were married on May 26, 1928. They are currently the longest-married couple in the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail said. The couple, who met at a YMCA dance in 1926, celebrated their anniversary Tuesday at the nursing home where they live in Plymouth, southwestern England. "We're always here for each other. It is all about give and take on both sides," Frank Milford said last year. "You need a happy outlook and to just get on with it. I don't know where the years have gone to. It's marvelous really." The couple also credited "a little argument every day" for their long union. "They are happy," their 74-year-old son, Frank Jr., told the Mail. "They spend most of their time together, with dad being almost completely deaf and blind, so it's very difficult for him. Mum is a chatterbox and nothing has changed there." In addition to their son, the Milfords have a 79-year-old daughter, Marie, as well as six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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