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Los Angeles, CA--A recent letter from a reader. As you read it, make sure to remember that the men's and fathers' movement is just a bunch of pampered, whiny men who have no real grievances... "Dear Glenn: "My girlfriend got pregnant after we had known each other just a few months. There was a 1 in 4 possibility that I was the Dad...She refused to submit DNA when requested by DCSS until just days before a court hearing. I was told if I did not supply DNA that I would be assessed as the father and charged with support. I submitted DNA. DCSS refused to give me full results. "I only received 11 out of 16 markers as a result. I was assessed as a 'Presumed Father' and I am now getting nearly $1000 taken from me via my paycheck each month. DCSS refuses to tell me where the mother or child are or if the child is really mine or even alive. (Child suffered health issues due to mom smoking all through her pregnancy). "I have no idea where they are. I will have to pay for 17 years for a kid I will never lay eyes on who may not even be mine. No one will help me. "When I called DCSS to get assistance from the social workers, one told me that I should have 'Kept it in my pants.' Another told me, 'Children belong with their Mothers.' I kid you not."

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