Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Paul McCartney attempts to settle Heather Mills divorce (TransWorldNews.com, 1-22-08) Minimize the impact of divorce on your credit (San Louis Obispo Tribune, 1-22-08) Shared Parenting Bill (WSAZ.com, 1-22-08) Proposal helps deployed service members in custody cases (Associated Press, 1-23-08) Man must pay child support for daughter who's not his (Courier News, 1-24-08) China divorce rate rises by 20% (BBC, 1-25-08) Hogan divorce battle getting ugly (ABCactionnews.com, 1-25-08) Like tax preparers in April, divorce lawyers brace for January (The Virginian Pilot, 1-26-08) Woman on trial for attacking police in custody dispute (The Plain Dealer, 1-28-08) Officials arrest deadbeat parents in sweep (Houston Chronicle, 1-28-08)

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