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Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. State offers discounted paternity tests (Associated Press, 2-18-08) New Minn. divorce laws may settle custody problems (WCCO, 2-19-08) Woman pleads guilty for not paying child support (The Plain Dealer, 2-20-08) Legal Strategies: the dos and don'ts of divorce (Globe and Mail, 2-21-08) Friendship after divorce can be great, but 'be careful' (Salt Lake Tribune, 2-21-08) Among evangelicals, divorce doesn't carry the stigma it once did (Kansas City Star, 2-22-08) Daddy's DNA (Wall Street Journal, 2-22-08) On your side: tri-state deadbeat parents (Kentucky Post, 2-23-08) Offering financial calm amid the storm of divorce (New York Times, 2-24-08) Study finds divorce divides dads from kids (The Star Ledger, 2-25-08)

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