Apparently the men's magazine Esquire believes that fathers don't care for their children, or are not involved in their care at all . In Esquire's new piece The Real Worst-Case Scenario for Swine Flu 2.0, Esquire contributing editor Thomas P.M. Barnett repeatedly refers specifically and only to "moms" when discussing the flu's possible harm to children. Barnett writes:


Could a new wave of the H1N1 virus become as radioactive for Obama as Katrina was for Bush?...An in-depth assessment of the risks to moms and politicians across the country... [T]he next wave of the H1N1 virus ("swine flu,") is going to be a big deal...most young people recover within a few days without requiring medical treatment beyond what a caring mom would instinctively muster...Just how difficult could things get for moms and Obama alike?
Apparently only moms care about their kids--there's no reference at all to "dads" or "fathers", and only one reference to "parents." Please write Esquire Magazine at [email protected] and please call editor-in-chief David Granger at 212-649-4270 and his assistant at 212-649-4271 and ask them to change "moms' to "moms and dads' or "parents."  Also, please write them by clicking on http://www.esquire.com/talk and going to "The Editors' in the drop down menu. We live in a culture which degrades and disregards fathers, and an important part of making political change is changing the culture. I'd be surprised to see such a thoughtless dismissal of fathers even in an article in the mainstream media--it's even more surprising in a men's magazine. Thanks to Fathers & Families supporter Brian Sawyer for the information.

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