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Lincoln, NE--Background: In 10-Year-Old Girl Dying; Mom Says Daughter's Last Wish Is To See Her Dad, I discussed the heart wrenching case of 10-year-old Jayci Yaeger, who is dying of brain cancer and "has one final wish -- to have her father spend some time at her bedside before she dies." Some good news in a tragic story-- Jason Yaeger has been allowed to visit his dying daughter. The story is below, along with a video link here. It's a hard video to watch, seeing that little lamb lying there in that condition. Thanks to Mister-M, a reader, for sending the story. Dad Allowed to Take Leave From Prison to See His Dying Little Girl Thursday, March 27, 2008 OMAHA, Neb. -- A 10-year-old Nebraska girl with terminal brain cancer had a simple last wish: to have her dad by her side as she lay on her death bed. On Wednesday, seemingly against all odds, Jayci Yaeger's wish came true. Her father, Jason Yaeger (pictured), who has been locked up in a South Dakota federal prison on methamphetamine charges, was allowed to see his daughter for what may be the last time. He was furloughed after a barrage of letters and phone calls from around the country convinced officials to let him visit the hospital, according to KETV.com. Jayci, who cannot speak, move or eat, could sense that her father was next to her and feel his touch, because she began breathing more heavily during his visit, the family told FOX News. But to their disappointment, the visit lasted only about 30 minutes. "She wants her dad. She goes to her room crying because she wants her dad," Jayci's mom, Vonda Yaeger, told KETV before the prison warden agreed to permit Jason to see his daughter. The girl's condition has been described as minute-to-minute, and she recently suffered a stroke. Vonda Yaeger said Jayci went into respiratory distress three times on Thursday. Jason Yaeger has been behind bars for almost five years, and has battled drug addiction. He is scheduled to be released to a halfway house in August. Click here to read more on this story from KETV.com

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