Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Divorce attorney digs up wedding ring coffins (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 4/8/08) Deadbeat dad locked up over $127,000 (Munster Times, 4/9/08) Sean Penn's divorce called off (San Jose Mercury News, 4/9/08) Father keeps $3M award in case where sons taken to Egypt by ex-wife (Maryland Daily Record, 4/9/08) Domestic violence bill sparks heated exchange (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/10/08) Steelers' Najeh Davenport Not Guilty In Domestic Violence Case (ThePittsburghchannel.com, 4/10/08) 34 arrested for failure to pay child support (Bridgewater Courier News, 4/10/08) Haggling over who collects late child support payments could leave some kids without (Dallas Observer, 4/10/08)

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