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In one of the most biased news reports I've ever seen, Phoenix KSAZ FOX 10 beat up on so-called "deadbeat dads" in its recent piece Deputies Round Up Deadbeat Dads. In it, Rochelle Black, the mother of a 3-year-old girl, blasts her husband as a deadbeat, holding the picture of their daughter up to the man's face. When her ex-husband, in handcuffs, begins to respond "you won't let me see her," FOX abruptly cuts away from him. Later, she claims poverty and he accuses her of lying before he is again cut off. If this father is going to be humiliated on a major TV station, he should at least be able to speak and give his side. We're asking Fathers & Families supporters to email Andrew Hasbun, the segment's reporter, and Linda Williams, the anchor at the time by filling out the form below. Best Wishes, Glenn Sacks, MA Executive Director Fathers & Families

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