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Los Angeles, CA--Below is a letter from Bruce, who does not agree with our campaign against Fox's new reality show Bad Dads. Like many people, he has been misled by the media onslaught about "deadbeat dads." Mr. Sacks, As a non-custodial father, I have maintained a good payment record of child support, and make those payments a priority. I do not agree with your premise in the protest of Fox's show Bad Dads. There are huge numbers of non-custodial fathers who simply walk away from any and all responsibility for their children. This show will attempt to find those selfish , narcissistic scoundrels, who never seem to be lacking for beer, cigarettes, cable TV, trips to Vegas, nice cars, dating expenses, clothes, etc., but are "unable" to meet court requirements to financially support their children. I can appreciate men having an advocate, but your position doesn't pass the smell test, in my opinion. Sincerely, Bruce

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