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Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Police searching for non-paying parents (Kentucky Post, 5/14/08) Child support lawsuit against Bears' Briggs close to settlement (Chicago Tribune, 5/14/08) Gay ex-governor says he has no money for alimony in divorce (Associated Press, 5/14/08) Child support agency plans public campaign (Akron Leader Publications, 5/15/08) Kids do care for divorced parents (Globe and Mail, 5/15/08) Father reunited with his abducted son in Macon (ABC, 5/16/08) Indian child opts for rich father (BBC, 5/16/08) Dead beat mom owed nearly $18500 in back child support (The Union Leader, 5/16/08) Michigan dad fights for joint custody law (Detroit News, 5/19/08) Relationships: Social status a factor in divorce (The News-Press, 5/18/08)

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