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If one searches in the dictionary for the world "ingrate," one might find a photo of TV personality Jesse James. A brief review:
1) James is married to actress Sandra Bullock. James' ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindermulder, is an ex-con who lives in a halfway house. Her husband is also a felon, and allegedly has a drug problem. (James and Bullock are pictured above.) 2) James and Lindermulder have a 6-year-old daughter named Sunny together, who James has custody of. When Lindermulder got out of prison, she tried to take custody of Sunny away from James. James argued that Lindermulder's home would not be a good environment for Sunny, and managed to retain custody, with visitation for Lindemulder. Bullock stood by James during the custody battle. 3) Bullock has played a major role in raising the young girl, and her parenting has even been praised by Lindermulder, who says, "If I could wish any step-mom for my daughter, it would be Sandra."
So what does Jesse James do? He apparently had an 11-month affair with tattoo model/stripper Michelle McGee while Bullock was on location filming The Blind Side. What a nice way to reward a good wife. It also reopens the custody battle, as James should have known it would. Lindermulder has now filed for custody as a result of the alleged affair, possibly putting their daughter through more turmoil.

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