Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Who gets custody of the dog is complicated, 'hotly contested' (USA Today, 5/28/08) Wife of actor Bill Murray files for divorce (Associated Press, 5/29/08) Deadbeat parents to pay up (Rocky Mountain News, 5/31/08) Critics say CPS failed to foresee nuances (Houston Chronicle, 5/31/08) If junior has your DNA, judge"ll order you to pay (Boston Herald, 6/1/08) R.I.: Pay child support before cashing in lawsuit payments (Associated Press, 6/1/08) Woman Forced To Pay Child Support For Adult Son (WFTV.com, 6/1/08) Child Support Agency 'reformed' after 20yrs (ABC News, 6/2/08) Baldwin to advise divorce hell couple (Metro.co.uk, 6/2/08)

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