Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Jury: Woman tried to hire hit on man (Reno Gazette-Journal, 6/3/08) Woman 'burned ex' over custody battle (The Age, 6/4/08) Why more and more women are losing custody battles over their children (Daily Mail, 6/5/08) Deputy cleared of domestic violence charge (Tampa Tribune, 6/6/08) On poster over child support (Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/7/08) Stimulus checks are seized for child support (Ottaway Newspapers, 6/7/08) High court upheld child custody rights of non-biological parent (The Virginian-Pilot, 6/7/08) Child-support system leaves some frustrated (The News-Press, 6/8/08) Divorce is a luxury for those bound by a bad economy (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/8/08) Collaboration offers 'honest and fair' divorce settlement (South Bend Tribune, 6/9/08)

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