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Bristol, CT--A nice story which kind of reminds me of how protective my son is of his little sister. When he's not teasing her, that is. From 5-Year-Old Saves Sister From Hanging (WFSB, 6/27/08):
Trevor Caron didn't waste any time when he saw his younger sister hanging with beads around her neck. "I thought Hannah would die in three more seconds,' he said. "But then that's when I got off my bed and ran to Hannah and saved Hannah's life.' With his grandmother in the other room, Trevor said he was watching television when he heard his 2-year-old sister choking. He said he turned around and saw her dangling above the floor, her face turning white. Nancy Caron, Trevor and Hannah"s mom, was at work when she got the call about what happened. She said she didn't even know how serious it was until she came home, saw the mark on Hannah's neck and took her to the doctor. "Her doctor looked at her and said my son saved her life,' she said. "It was very close. She was seconds away from passing out.' Read the full article and watch the video article here.
Thanks to Mark, a reader, for sending it.

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