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Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families' latest News Digest. Lend a hand to those going through divorce (Houston Chronicle, 7/8/08) Child support payers have a chance to settle (WALB News, 7/8/08) Failure to pay child support leads to prison (Associated Press, 7/9/08) Divorce still damaging to children despite being more acceptable (Telegraph.co.uk, 7/9/08) Infertile man forced to pay for child he claims isn't his (Telegraph.co.uk, 7/10/08) Stalled child support payments resume (Indianapolis Star, 7/10/08) Price of Norman's freedom: $103 million (Palm Beach Post, 7/11/08) Wanted man arrested when in town for mom's funeral (Chicago Tribune, 7/12/08) NY law often makes for messy divorce (Newsday, 7/12/08) Bracelets may better monitor child-support offenders (Newark Advocate, 7/14/08)

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