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Fathers and Families has the best record of legislative success, the largest membership base, the highest media profile, the most funding, and the most successful legislative representation of any family court reform organization. To learn more about our accomplishments, click here. 1. Public Relations and Education Fathers and Families has established a media presence as the voice of loving fathers, and we seek to make the need to reform the family courts on behalf of children and parents a constant presence in the media. We are increasing your use of social media and the internet to rally thousands to act on issues affecting families.  more 2. Lobbying Fathers and Families is passing family court reform legislation and defeating harmful legislation in states across the country.  more 3. Legal Defense Fund Fathers and Families is producing amicus briefs and arguing our positions in  higher-court cases in affiliated states.  more 4. Advocacy We are identifying specific audiences for advocacy efforts, and targeting key decison-makers.  These include child welfare organizations, think tanks, government agencies, religious institutions, or cause-specific organizations. We are promoting shared parenting and family court reform as the cost-free solutions to the eight leading problems of children. We will assist the affiliates in doing the same.  more 5. Research We will produce and publicize research-based position papers showing that family court reform will help decrease the eight leading problems of children: 1) child abuse; 2) educational underachievement; 3) depression or alienation; 4) violence or gang activity; 5) poor health; 6) teen pregnancy; 7) substance abuse; 8) dysfunctional future family relationships. We will engage respected academics and other experts to assist us in writing these position papers.  more 6. Building Strong Affiliates With existing affiliates in California, Massachusetts, and Ohio, Fathers and Families expects to establish more state affiliates in this year. We will establish new affiliates as we have previous ones---by first identifying leadership and funding at the Board level. Much of the necessary Board leadership will emerge from the existing 50,000 readers of our website and E-newsletter.  more 7. Membership Growth Fathers and Families has enjoyed sustained, robust growth rates, and our large membership and their financial gifts will fuel the reform strategies described above.   We raised $300,000 in 2010 and are continuing to increase our revenues and membership to achieve our mission and vision.  more

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